Certification of honour for Drita Tekstil

KMA Umwelttechnik is an innovative manufacturer of energy-saving exhaust air filter systems, which is concerned on working with customers on the development of individual complete solutions. Particularly, in the textile industry cooperation is necessary, since this is one of the most energy-intensive sectors with special challenges. A special challenge is the finishing process due to the stenter frame. In addition to the high use of electrical energy (for motors and fans, for example), there is also a high heat input, produced by expensive gas and thermal oil heating. In addition, the exhaust air of the stenter frame is impacted by emissions which must be separated. Thanks to the integrated electrostatic filter and heat exchanger system in the ULTRAVENT system, KMA meets these requirements.

Drita Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret AS is a leading textile manufacturer from Turkey who deliberately chose the KMA exhaust air purification system with integrated heat recovery system. Due to the trust in KMA, the world-wide newest ULTRAVENT tandem version for the textile sector is installed at Drita Tekstil. Mr. Osman Elibol, General Manager of Drita Tekstil, personally participated in the optimisation process of the volume flows and supported KMA in the development process on site. Due to the very good cooperation and the extraordinary commitment to reduce CO2 emissions and to keep the air clean, KMA Umwelttechnik honoured Mr. Osman Elibol as a thank-you and appreciation of the cooperation with a Certification of Honour. At a festive ceremony, this was handed over to Mr. Elibol in Turkey.

Clean air at stenter frames